Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Q: What is Neuroplasticity?

A: Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Research in the latter half of the 20th century discovered that many aspects of the brain change throughout our lives, even in adulthood. We use this concept to identify and facilitate specific neurological pathways which can be identified as deficient or dysfunctional. This process can improve various conditions including learning disabilities, brain injuries such as concussion, movement disorders, and much more. It can also be used to improve cognition in those seeking academic, behavioral, sports, or memory improvement.

Q: What is a Chiropractor?

A: Chiropractors are neuromuscular specialists who’s education is hyper-focused on the connections between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. With four years of graduate (post bachelor) education Chiropractors earn a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine (DC) degree. They are primary care, portal of entry physicians. Some Chiropractors choose to specialize in specific areas and compete residency training for an additional 2-3 years.

Q: How long is a typical visit?

A: The first two visits—New Patient Exam and the Review of Findings—last around one hour each. Follow up visits are around 30 min in duration.

Q: What is the average length of a treatment plan?

A: From this point on, your appointments will be scheduled out in advance and much shorter in duration, sometimes daily. These appointments will differ based on the specific treatments included in your personalized treatment plan. Your treating physician will monitor your brain function and progress throughout each visit and record your improvement. You will most likely have additional exams over the course of your treatment plan, as well as a final exam where the Doctors determine if you are ready to graduate to wellness care, dismiss from care, or extend your current treatment plan. Our treatment plans grow and change as you do, so we continuously monitor your progress and adapt our treatments to ensure you are receiving the best care. Each treatment plan also includes an at-home plan which extends your growth long after your time at Optimal You.

Q: Will it hurt?

A: All our treatments are non-invasive and painless. During treatments, our Doctors will be continuously monitoring brain function and observing patient performance and progression. Optimal You Brain Centers uses the latest, researched based treatments and technology to ensure the best outcomes for our patients, as well as empower and educate them with at home techniques for long term growth. Our goal is to optimize brain function, to make you, the best you, that you can be.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: We accept Care Credit, FSA, and HSA. Due to the personalized nature of our care we offer a self-pay model in order to keep our fees fair. We are always upfront with the cost of care which is determined at the Review of Findings appointment. We do offer various payment plans and depending on your insurance plan you may be able to seek reimbursement for our services from your provider.

Q: When will I start to see changes?

A: Our patients experience fast, meaningful results. The benefits experienced here can be built upon at home through our personalized take home programs. This work is done during active treatment and may then continue once your treatment at our center has ended. Our brain, like a muscle, strengthens through exercise and repetition. The ON DEMAND BRAIN GYM is yet another resource available to our patients to continue improving.