Join Dr. Lexie and guest speaker Tracy Adams, Wellness Advocate, to hear a mom's story (and still ongoing journey) of how she and Dr. Lexie are healing her 15 year-old son after a diagnosis of "possible autoimmune disease". Tracy's passion for optimal gut health and all the ways it can affect one's overall health rose to a whole new level when her son came home from school last Dec YELLOW from jaundice resulting in him spending 7 days in Wolfson Children's Hospital. Come here her story! Along the way she will teach you about the importance of a healthy gut (not just the organ but the tiny microorganisms that it hosts!) and the connection between your brain and gut. What does that MEAN? How does that work? And most importantly--> what's in it for you? Guest Speaker Tracy Adams. Meet our Doctors, tour our facility, and enjoy catering by Savour Sensations.

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