What To Expect

At Optimal You Brain Centers, we focus on family and view each patient as a member of our own. We understand the trust that is given in choosing a health care provider for your child or loved ones, and we consider this trust to be the upmost honor. Drs. Romero aim to be upfront and honest throughout your time as a practice member only recommending treatments that are purposeful and effective. We hope to create a positive and happy environment where each patient can grow.

Our goal is to have each patient not only improve in our office but learn techniques to use at home for long term growth. We empower our patients about their health and what it means to function optimally. Please call our office with any questions, and our staff will be happy to help you take the initial steps towards joining our practice.

Prior To Visit

We ask all new patients to complete and submit our intake paperwork and history forms prior to your first visit. These will be reviewed by our Doctors before your meeting.

Day 1

The first visit to Optimal You Brain Centers will be the most extensive. You will have an initial consultation to discuss your goals with the Doctor to whom you have chosen to seek care. If you and the Doctor determine Optimal You Brain Centers is the right place for you, you will continue with a comprehensive history taking process and physical exam. This exam is different for each patient based on their goals and concerns. It can range from simply an autonomic assessment and musculoskeletal exam to an in-depth neurological evaluation. At this point, our Doctors may also require imaging, blood labs, or other outside testing before creating a treatment plan. After the exam, we will schedule your Review of Findings appointment and you may schedule any required additional outside testing.

Review of Findings

This appointment will begin with a follow up consultation with your treating physician where they will go over all findings from your Day 1 exam and any outside test results. Next, the Doctor will make recommendations for your personalized treatment plan. This will include a detailed description of treatment length, cost, and goals which vary greatly for each patient. Once your plan is reviewed and accepted, the Doctor will begin your first treatment.

First Treatment

During your first treatment, the Doctor will have you perform various tasks and record your bench mark to identify any neurological indicators that may be functioning sub-optimally. This will set a starting point for your progress at Optimal You.

Treatment Plan

From this point on, your appointments will be scheduled out in advance and much shorter in duration, sometimes daily. These appointments will differ based on the specific treatments included in your personalized treatment plan. Your treating physician will monitor your brain function and progress throughout each visit and record your improvement. You will most likely have additional exams over the course of your treatment plan, as well as a final exam where the Doctors determine if you are ready to graduate to wellness care, dismiss from care, or extend your current treatment plan. Our treatment plans grow and change as you do, so we continuously monitor your progress and adapt our treatments to ensure you are receiving the best care. Each treatment plan also includes an at-home plan which extends your growth long after your time at Optimal You.

On-Demand Brain Gym

When you and your Doctor determine you are ready to graduate to wellness care, you may have the option of using our On-Demand Brain Gym. This is a special area within our practice where you can come in on your own time and continue improving your cognitive function. The Doctor will pre-load programs for you to follow which you may access during normal business hours. This is a unique way to maintain your optimum level of brain function beyond your treatment plan. Many of our patients also decide to schedule wellness visits every month which include a short active therapy session as well as chiropractic adjustments. We offer many options at Optimal You for continuing education and improvement.